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Thanks for visiting Baby-to-Baby. We would love you to visit our lovely Baby shop in Pretoria. We display baby cots, baby prams, baby furniture, baby clothing, baby chairs, quality wooden furniture and much more in our shop.
We do also sell Baby nappies, premature baby nappies , adult nappies, baby toys, baby carriers, baby walkers, baby alarms and much much more. We also stock baby Curtains, baby bedding, blankets and custom made Baby material covers.
- Baby wooden furniture
- Premature baby Diapers
- Custom made baby material covers
- Walkers
- Cots
- Baby Bedding
- High Chairs
- Carry Cots
- Adult Diapers
Contact Isha for more information
Office number: 012-335-3973
Cell number: 084 313 0759
630 Voortrekker Street

Baby-To-Baby for Baby Furniture, baby Prams, baby clothing, Adult Nappies and Baby Stuff                                                                                  Contact: Isha: 084 313 0759 Email:

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Baby-to-Baby Pretoria offers the best quality Baby wooden furniture, Baby Cots, baby prams, baby walkers, baby clothing, premature baby nappies, custom made Baby material covers and Adult Nappies in Pretoria. Visit our Shop in Voortrekker street today or call us.

We would love you to visit our shop in Voortrekker street, Pretoria to view all our lovely baby furniture, baby cots, baby clothing, baby toys, baby baths, baby chairs, baby walkers, custom made Baby material covers and wooden furniture.